Wrought Iron Gate advice


If your Garden gate looks old and is begin to sag or lean.

The most common cause is the hinges which can become loose through timer, the easiest way to correct this problem is to buy a new Wrought Iron Style Metal Gate from our offers page 

  • The hinge is the first place to look , you can replace these easily or even just check the screws .
  • It the hinges are in good condition then it could be the posts, we supply both Metal and Timer posts to your requirements
  • To do this, squeeze as much wood adhesive into the joint and hold it together as you fix the bracket in place.
  • if a gate is unsteady, wobbly or just looking old , we suggest replacing is the cheapest option take a look at our single metal gates or double metal gates for the best price on the web

Another reason why a gate may lean or  sag could be the lack of a  diagonal brace, the brace give strength to the uprights, or more often the case the Metal Gate itself  is not strong enough.  Sometimes the problem may just be simply that  the gate was hung the wrong way round this not only affects the way the gate hangs but will cause the brackets and hinges not to work to their optimum and cause damage.  Our Galvanized metal gates are supplied to the highest standard with a long guarantee and available in powder coating for a maintenance free life

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